“WAS ‘GOT SMURF’ taken? Why not ‘Smurf Matters’? Or ‘Just Smurf It’? or an obvious play on another corporate slogan that’s 20 years old now?”
Filmdrunk.uproxx.com finds much fault with the Web site for the upcoming smurfs movie, Smurfhappens.com, after the release of a teaser trailer.

“IF BARTON WANTED to keep heat on the White House over its interactions with BP, this is a poor way of going about it. BP doesn’t require any apologies at the moment — at least not until we know what happened.”
— not even Hotair.com, a staunchly conservative blog, had anything positive to say about Texas Rep. Joe Barton’s apology to bp for the White House’s “shakedown.”

“AOL BUYING BEBO for $850 million and then selling two years later for $10 million doesn’t seem like a winning strategy.”
Former AOL CEO Steve Case’s tweet on the company’s latest financial disaster drew sneers from those who remember the failed AOL-Time Warner merger he helped broker in 2000.