“WHEN HISTORIANS LOOK back at ancient Rome, they point to the sport of watching lions eat Christians as a sure sign of that mighty culture’s slide into depravity and decadence. If they tried that today, the lions would all die of HEART ATTACKS.”
Fruvous.livejournal.com feels that Friendly’s Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt — a beef patty between two grilled-cheese sandwiches — signals the ultimate collapse of Western civilization.

“AND THIS IS where credibility really goes out the deep end. ‘You big lummox.’ What is this? A Katherine Hepburn movie?”
Ken_ashford.typepad.com finds much of the masseuse vs. Al Gore story doubtful, but the masseuse’s choice of insult puts it in the “bad fan fiction” realm.

“I WAS JUST mugged while waiting in line for the iPhone 4. Not kidding.”
@Samuelaxon, a popular Mashable.com blogger, lost his cash (but not his camera or laptop) in the queue at a Chicago apple store.