Sarah, 28, is a reporter. Eugene, 31, is also a reporter. They live in Arlington.

» The Main Event: In a gazebo overlooking both a lake and the ocean in Belmar, N.J., on Aug. 6.

» How They Met: At work, when they were both reporters at the Daily Record in Morris County, N.J.

» First Impressions: She’d seen his byline before she started her job, so she was curious to meet him. “The moment he walked in the room, I knew it was him. He was wearing a black peacoat, and he had a strong charisma.”

» First Date: He drove an hour to pick her up in the pouring rain, then another hour to New York City, where, after dinner and drinks, someone stole Sarah’s wallet. “He waited with me for hours until the police arrived so they could take a report, and then he drove me home.” They went on a second date the next day.

» How He Proposed: They’re both runners, so he gifted her with a new pair of shoes — with the ring stuffed inside the toe.

» Pet Names: “I call her ‘Bubbles.'”

» Most-Hated Clothing Item: “Her baggy shirts,” Eugene says. Sarah would get rid of his penny loafers.

» Making It Unique: Their officiant is the mayor of Morris Plains, N.J., and a former source of Eugene’s.

» With Infinite Funds: A martini bar, a photo booth and a JWoww cameo.

Written by Express contributor Rachel Kaufman