It had to happen eventually. Some clever marketer would try to transform cell phones from movie theater menaces to matinee must-haves.

The cinematic innovators are Best Buy and the producers of “Despicable Me“: By downloading the Best Buy Movie Mode app (either from or by texting “ME” to 332211), you can install a feature called the “Minionator” on your iPhone, Android device or BlackBerry. When the final credits roll, the phone will translate the previously incomprehensible (yet presumably hilarious) babble of the villain’s bulbous yellow henchmen. To appease those who are annoyed by cell phones in theaters, the app also sets the phone to vibrate, dims the screen and discourages texting.

Right now, Movie Mode works only during the end credits. But when “Me” is released on Blu-ray and DVD, it will translate the Minions’ dialogue throughout the entire film.

Best Buy promises the Movie Mode app will have other uses after “Despicable Me,” probably with other high-profile films. I’m eager to see what happens.

Written by Express contributor Kenneth Terrell