» “REMEMBER THIS: The area you are camping in is the domain of some predatory animals, and to a lot of them … you are little more than dinner!”
HermitJim.blogspot.com offers some words of advice after a man was fatally mauled by a grizzly bear while sleeping at a campground near Yellowstone National Park on Wednesday.

» “IN THE GRAND SCHEME of things, the missed flight is not a big deal. In fact, I’d say it was somewhat expected for this attention addict to create a more dramatic entrance. But that’s what the Bengals get with Terrell Owens. Another sideshow under a big top masquerading as a pro football team.”
MondesisHouse.blogspot.com reacts to the outspoken wide receiver’s late arrival to the Cincinnati Bengals’ training camp.

» “THIS ENTIRE SHOW is like a cliche of why I deleted my MySpace. I keep expecting glitter effects to flash across my TV screen when one of them enters a room.”
A commenter at Gawker.com reacts to seeing the MySpace page of Deena Nicole Cortese, the newest addition to MTV‘s “Jersey Shore” cast.

Photo by Dani Pozo/AFP/Getty Images