Ellicott City, Md., stay-at-home dad Adam Newcomer, 31, talked with Express about the glamorous lives of D.C. househusbands.

» EXPRESS: Is “househusband” a perjorative?
» NEWCOMER: I prefer “trophy husband” myself.

» EXPRESS: What exclusive clubs are you a member of?
» NEWCOMER: Costco. Free samples, the big parking spaces — you don’t get that just anywhere. And the Howard County’s dad group.

» EXPRESS: What celebrities are you friends with?
» NEWCOMER: I’m in pretty good with the people at Ikea, because every time we go my daughter eats free.

» EXPRESS: Where do you get your hair done? Is it expensive?
» NEWCOMER: A pretty boutique salon called Hair Cuttery; don’t know if you’ve heard of it.

» EXPRESS: What fashion designers do you like?
» NEWCOMER: Mostly Carter’s and Baby Gap.

» EXPRESS: Do you get in catfights with other dads?
» NEWCOMER: I can’t say I have ever been in a catfight with another dad.

» EXPRESS: Do you encounter hair-pulling in your day-to-day life?
» NEWCOMER: Not by anybody else, but sometimes when there’s trouble napping, I might be pulling my own hair out.

» EXPRESS: Where can I see high-powered stay-at-home dads?
» NEWCOMER: We don’t actually shop at Lord & Taylor, but there are story times right outside it at the Columbia mall. We go to the park a lot. It gives us a chance to talk about our fantasy football teams. My fantasy football team expects me to do really well because I have all this quote-unquote time on my hands.

» EXPRESS: Who is a famous househusband that’s not Bill Clinton?
» NEWCOMER: There’s Jon Gosselin. I try not to pattern my fatherhood after him. I’m certainly familiar with his work.

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Photo by Robert A. Reeder/The Washington Post