Did you know once and future presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is winding up a six-week talk show tryout, syndicated by Fox? Me neither! It’s not airing in D.C., but I caught a few segments online to see what we’re missing.

» Sample guests: Unemployed lawyer turned cupcake baker. Man who saved his brother from a shark. Bethenny Frankel.

» Sample issues: Does the death penalty stop crime? Is a new energy drink “poison in a can”? Should society urge plus-size teens to embrace their fatitude or to drop pounds?

» Sign Huckabee is wooing the anti-lawyer vote: A consumer attorney tells folks harassed by debt collectors to call a consumer attorney. Huckabee jokes, “Naturally, he said that; he’s a typical lawyer, isn’t he, huh?”

» Sign Huckabee is wooing the hapless husband vote: When asked whether women have a hard time telling men what they want, he goes, “Oh, yes!”

» Sign Huckabee might be America’s Next Top Talk Show Host and president: In Dallas, his show started out way behind ratings for reruns of Tyra‘s gabfest in the same slot a year ago. By week 3, the Huck had pulled way ahead.

Written by Express contributor Marc Silver
Photo courtesy Fox