Fruit is the new floral, according to Posen, whose over-the-top frocks and girlish ruffled pants were well-suited to the star-studded crowd (or Katy Perry concert-goers). The schoolgirl-gone-sex-kitten vibe of his lower-priced Z Spoke line brought funky funny-face prints, fruit-based brooches, circular sunglasses and enough bows to outfit a cheer squad. Psychedelic neons mixed with lace, plaid and abstract prints offered a different vision of spring — like if the Mad Hatter had “tea” with Kool & the Gang.

The show had kitschy spunk, serving up wild prints, demure cropped suits and even a frilly yellow onesie (worn by plus-sized model Crystal Renn, right). Love it or hate it, the wacky looks had sass, so much so that one overzealous model fell flat on catwalk, only to get up to gasps and then roaring applause. A metaphor for Posen’s line? Time will tell.

While we were busy blending in with a wall (as journalists often do), a fully clothed Kendra Wilkinson passed by with a slew of escorts and PR folks. One handler had some advice for the ex-Playmate.

HANDLER: Kendra, you’re sitting in the front row so DO NOT cross your legs.
KENDRA: [Pause] Really?
EXPRESS: Yes, Kendra. Really.

Zac Posen photos by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Kendra photos by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images