Express definitely interviewed at least one Michelle Trachtenberg and one quasi-celebrity hanger-on. But it was dark and loud at the Z Spoke by Zac Posen Bertolli Sauce post-show party, and the whole four-girl posse wanted in. Try your best to follow along.

» EXPRESS: What did you all think of the show?
» M.T.: I thought it was really fun, I think Zac really mixes patterns really well. He’s really bold and it’s colorful, and there’s a really fun girly element to the show.
» FRIEND: He’s colorful, very adventurous. It’s really fun to watch.

» EXPRESS: Are you enjoying fashion week?
» M.T.: Yeah.
» FRIEND: Definitely.
» M.T.: It’s awesome.

» EXPRESS: What shows are you looking forward to?
» FRIEND:I don’t know. It’s hard to say, I was really happy to be here tonight. Charlotte Ronson’s was awesome.
» M.T.: Yeah, Charlotte’s a good friend of mine, so I went to her show.
» FRIEND: Yeah, yeah, yeah, the music was killer!

» EXPRESS: I know! Right? You had the Pixies and then Lisa Loeb at the end.
» FRIEND: Right! Yeah, we were just saying “Stay” is our favorite karaoke song.
» M.T.: Lisa Loeb guest-starred on “Gossip Girl.”
» FRIEND: Shut up!
» M.T.: It was awesome!
» FRIEND: Uh, I would die.
» M.T.: She played, like her theme song.
» FRIEND: But like which one?
» M.T.: “Stay.”
» FRIEND: “Stay”?
» M.T.: Yeah.
» FRIEND: Yeah-ah!

» EXPRESS: Now, when was that?
» M.T.: I think it was like a couple seasons ago, but we were all, like, with our camera phones …
» FRIEND: That is so cool … yeah
» M.T.: Yeah, I think it was like a flashback of bands from like the ’90s.
» FRIEND: That’s awesome.
» M.T.: Or like artists from the ’90s. But it was so good.
» FRIEND: So good.

» EXPRESS: Are you happy the ’90s are coming back?
» M.T.: Um, yeah. They are. I guess I’m happy it’s the not the ’80s.

[Laughter and agreement abounded.]

Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images