The gallery-like quality of Malandrino’s collection made Express ruminate on metaphysics, philosophy and such. What is culture? Does life have meaning? Is fashion art? Sure, Aristotle and Keats have addressed these topics in length, but they weren’t at the show. So we asked reality-star Kristin Cavallari what she thought.

» EXPRESS: What do you think of the collection?
» CAVALLARI: I think it’s great. I’m loving everything so far.

» EXPRESS: And the presentation?
» CAVALLARI: I love the presentation. It’s so different, you know? You get to be outside and just take your time and enjoy it.

» EXPRESS: With these statuesque models outside, this show seems like commentary on fashion as art. Do you have an opinion on fashion as art?
» CAVALLARI: Uh, do I have?

» EXPRESS: Do you think fashion is art?
» CAVALLARI: Yeah, I mean, I would definitely consider fashion to be art. Yeah, it’s an expression.

» EXPRESS: I saw you at Zac Posen last night. What did you think of his collection?
» CAVALLARI: I thought it was great. I really, really enjoyed his show. All his little short dresses, I really enjoyed every single one.

» EXPRESS: Is fruit the new floral?
» CAVALLARI: Apparently. [Laughs.]

» EXPRESS: Who are you wearing?
» CAVALLARI: Catherine Malandrino.

» EXPRESS: Any upcoming projects?
» CAVALLARI: I’m about to guest star on a network show and were making the announcement later this month so I can’t tell you which one. I just shot a music video which will come out in the next few weeks for Jaron. I’m producing two reality shows and working on a shoe line, too.

» EXPRESS: And how would you describe your style?
» CAVALLARI: I like playing with a lot of different things. I like being really girly and flirty, and then giving things a little more of an edge, more rock ‘n’ roll, just whatever looks good on my body, not the latest trend.

» EXPRESS: Style advice?
» CAVALLARI: Dress for what looks good on your body and not in the latest trends.

Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images