Jarrod, 30, is a campaign consultant. Alicia, 29, is a consultant. They live in D.C.

» The Main Event: A full Catholic Mass and ceremony Oct. 2 in Alicia’s hometown of Detroit.

» First Date: It didn’t start as a date: Alicia needed a new car and asked Jarrod to come as a “token male companion.” But she says when she saw how good he was in a stressful situation, “I ended up leaving the dealership with a new car and a new crush.”

» How He Proposed: While on a trip to Newport, R.I., he suggested they just “peek into” a B&B’s dining room. Surprise — the room was filled with flowers, champagne and strawberries, and had a fire roaring. She opened presents he’d set out, then turned to find him on bended knee.

» How They Met: Through friends, though they didn’t begin dating until five years later.

» Most Hated Clothing Item: He’s not crazy about her “cheery polka-dot rain boots.”

» Stupidest Fight: He gave her the silent treatment for sneaking curry, which he hates, into dinner. Alicia got upset when Jarrod tossed out all their CD jewel cases.

» With Infinite Funds: They’d hire a 10-piece mariachi band.

Written by Express contributor Rachel Kaufman