So, Rita’s still dead.

The first episode of “Dexter‘s” fifth season (Sept. 26 at 9 p.m. on Showtime) picks up right after the fourth’s shocking cliffhanger ending. Dexter returns from murdering the Trinity Killer to find Rita dead in the bathtub.

Though his marriage to Rita wasn’t perfect — their relationship had suffered because of his secrecy, and she was “as damaged as me,” Dexter says — Dexter sees her death as his fault, the ultimate consequence of his years of lying and killing. Baby son Harrison, sitting in the blood-drenched bathroom, is now just like Dexter, who watched his mother’s murder when he was 3 years old: “born in blood, both of us.” “I thought I could change what I am,” Dexter says as he walks away from Rita’s dead body. “But it doesn’t matter what I do. This is fate.”

As he becomes the F.B.I.’s prime suspect, our favorite killer is having an existential crisis, wondering if his life is even worth living anymore and if his adoptive father Harry’s (James Remar) vigilante code has truly taught him anything. That inner conflict and whether it affects Dexter’s new life as a single father to Harrison and Rita’s other two children, Cody (Preston Bailey) and Astor (Christina Robinson) — the latter of whom spits the old “I wish you were dead” line at Dexter after learning of her mother’s death — will certainly play out over the next few months.

With several new cast members, including Julia Stiles and Jonny Lee Miller, it’s obvious there will be other stuff going on besides just the aftermath of Rita’s death. But the flashback scenes of her and Dexter’s first date, where he left her in the middle of dinner to kill a shady guy who was eating at the restaurant with them, are perfectly indicative of the kind of disinterested and detached man Dexter can’t be anymore. He’s going to need start feeling, well, anything — and “Dexter” as a whole seems like it will certainly benefit from it.

Written by Express contributor Roxana Hadadi
Photo by Sonja Flemming/Showtime