The end of New York Fashion Week feels like December 26th without the gift returning or the awkward “when are you getting married?”-mother-daughter-and-ten-Southern-women-from-your-neighborhood talk. You’re tired and cranky and you feel like you’ve gorged yourself on the marzipan candies and processed cheese logs.

Except you’re still hungry after Fashion Week. Hungry for more riotous, heart-stopping shows and starving for real, calorie-heavy food. (Frappuccinos were plentiful at Lincoln Center. Solid food was banned… unofficially.)

But do not fret, Beltway Fashionista. Even though you’re trading in Carolina Herrera for critter pants and Hotel Gansevoort for hot and sticky George, DC has its own fun-filled Fashion Week, complete with a few shows, industry parties, pseudo-celeb reality stars and male models that come from DC United, proving that some folks take DC Fashion Week about as seriously as Express takes this blog. (Oh snap!)

But while New York is experiencing that depressing post-week lull, we’re on our own design-and-marvel marathon. And the best part? It’s ours.

This is our Fashion Week. New York may have Lincoln Center, but we have Lincoln’s lap. DC Fashion Week: Come one. Come more than one. Please, just come. Then throw your critter pants out.

Photos by Jason Kempin/Getty Images; Jemal Countess/Getty Images