The Some Kinda Fun festival happens Friday through Sunday in Silver Spring, and it will go down deep underground — which is only appropriate. It’s hosted at Quarry House — the basement bar turned rock ‘n’ roll dive that makes up in beer and burgers what it lacks in sight lines — and focuses on garage-rock and power-pop artists for whom the “overground” isn’t really an option.

Friday’s headliner, Paul Collins, above, was this close to making it once. He was in the mid-’70s power-pop band the Nerves, which wrote the song “Hanging on a Telephone,” which was later turned into a smash by Blondie. Collins then formed the Beat, which had two major-label records that went nowhere. But 30 years later, he’s still producing melody-rich roots-rock releases.

Saturday’s lineup is helmed by the Cynics, who have been reviving garage rock since 1983, and Sunday’s matinee is fronted by the Demon Beat, a newish band that injects its punk with the soul of Mitch Ryder. Demon Beat might never have a hit, but like all the “Fun” bands, it will always be comfortable in the underworld. Visit for full details about the festival.

Photo courtesy Pavement PR