» “IF THE ROLE SHE PLAYED on ‘Beaver,’ was later satirized with the knowing cynicism of our age, [Barbara] Billingsley‘s acting should be remembered as first-rate, as an embodiment of a time that was perhaps more innocent, but which called for an equal amount of skill and grace.”
Watching-tv.ew.com Billingsley, better known as June Cleaver from the generation-defining “Leave it to Beaver,” who died Saturday at age 94.

» “I BET YOU THE PAPARAZZO wouldn’t stop saying his name. ‘Shia LaBeouf! Shia LaBeouf! Shia LaBeouf! You have a silly name! Shia LaBeou!’ Unfortunately, say it three times in a row and it summons his enraged alter ego. Kind of like Beetlejuice, but with more frothing at the mouth.”
A Voices.washingtonpost.com/celebritology commenter response to a story about Shia LaBeouf chasing a photographer and throwing coffee at him. The actor was taking a break outside the Renaissance Hotel in D.C. after local shooting for “Transformers 3” wrapped.

» “UNDER OBAMACARE, the drugstore would have been forced, by the government, to give her the inhaler, and a manicure, and a free style consultation and a two-liter bottle of Coke.”
Gawker.com reacts to the story of Katherine O’Connor, a New Jersey woman who stopped in a CVS while having an asthma attack to purchase an inhaler. The inhaler cost $21, but she had only $20, and the clerk allegedly told her there was nothing he could do. O’Connor finally got an inhaler from her boyfriend’s nearby paramedic friend.

» “ANDY WARHOL, COME BACK, all is forgiven. It seems total nobodies (Sarah, Cristine, Rand, all the people from various reality shows) are getting their 15 minutes of fame. This too shall pass.”
Huffington Post commenter thankgodimanatheist8 marvels at Meghan McCain‘s criticizing Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’ Donnell for “making a mockery of running for public office” on this weekend’s “This Week.”