» “Kanye, just like you I am shocked! An album titled ‘Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ with a bare nipple on the cover was banned from Walmart? You don’t say! Who could have foreseen that?”
Thefrisky.com is more shocked at Kanye West’s tweeted reactions to Wal-mart, Target and other U.S. retailers allegedly banning the cover art for his new album, due out Nov. 22.

» “Revelations that the entire cast was shooting up during filming? Fine, as long as Han shot first! The only thing we’d be really upset about is if Princess Leia had been using midichlorians. You shouldn’t mess with that stuff.”
Rough Sketch doesn’t think all that much of news that actress Carrie Fisher and others from the original Star Wars franchise snorted cocaine during filming of the “The Empire Strikes Back”

» “He married gay couples in his garage in one episode. Marge is on the pill. He prayed to a waffle stuck to the ceiling. He does not honor his father. And I can’t see him giving up meat even one day of the week.”
Gawker.com commenter jumpingpiglet responding to the Vatican’s claiming Homer Simpson is a “true Catholic” in its official newspaper, L’Osservatore.

» But, as we’ve learned from a certain movie, many of Facebook’s original friends have become enemies. Let’s hope the dinner has brought two of the biggest names in tech closer together.”
Mashable.com hopes the dinner date between Apple’s Steve Jobs and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg will result in more collaboration between the two tech giants, especially over Ping, iTunes’ social component that so far doesn’t integrate with any other social networks.