» “AS IF YOU NEEDED any more reason to get sauced up and play Rock Band 3, Harmonix confirmed that Long Island’s greatest will be gracing the digital airwaves of Rock Band 3.”
Loot-Ninja.com is excited to hear that Billy Joel‘s songs will be added to the newest version of the video game that now features a keyboard.

» “BRITTANY AND SANTANA refer to having sex together, Quinn had a baby last year, Puck in juvie for driving through a convenience store and stealing [an] ATM … a few pictures make them crazy, but no mention of the antics of the characters?”
Commenter puppydog at WashingtonPost.com thinks the pictures from the “Glee” actors’ GQ photo shoot that caused an uproar from the Parents Television Council are no big deal, considering the topics on the actual TV program.

» “THIS XXL COVER is suspect as hell. ‘A Hater’s Worst Nightmare’? Really tho? These clowns. Why did 50 1. remove all his tats and 2. dress as a terrorist ninja for this mess?”
Lisa-Bee.com can’t understand why rappers 50 Cent and Soulja Boy appeared on the hip-hop magazine’s November cover together.

» “APPARENTLY, being a supremely gifted hockey player does not translate into a being a good dancer. … Wow, I haven’t seen a Russian this uncomfortable dancing onstage since Boris Yeltsin.”
Smartasssports.com reacts to seeing a YouTube video of the Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin onstage at Fur Nightclub last Saturday night.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images