Chris, 22, is a Web developer. Cassie, 22, is a contract specialist for the government. They live in Fairfax.

The Main Event: They married Oct. 23 at the Methodist church in Connecticut that brought them together.

How They Met: In eighth grade on a beach trip through their church. “He was really shy, so I mostly talked to his mom.”

First Impressions: “I thought she was really nice to try to get me to hang out with everybody else. She was the only one who did that out of everyone there.”

First Date: They debate whether it was seeing “A Beautiful Mind” or going to the spring school dance.

First Kiss: During another church trip — this time, camping. “Everybody was waiting for us to do it,” Chris says.

How He Proposed: After dinner at Grillfish, “a restaurant I’d been dying to go to,” Cassie says. “I was not prepared, so I made him ask again. That way, I was sure to remember everything.”

When They Knew: She knew in ninth grade, and told her mom so. He knew after high school graduation, when they were both heading to D.C. for college.

Written by Express contributor Rachel Kaufman

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