» “HIGH EXPECTATIONS. Tons of money invested. Some of the game’s biggest names. … It sounds like the expectations levied upon the Dallas Cowboys prior to this season. … Not only did the bout, which [Manny] Pacquiao won convincingly, live up to the hype; it surpassed it as one of the better fights in recent memory.”
NESN.com‘s Daily Blend blog was impressed with the Filipino boxer’s victory over Antonio Margarito Saturday.

» “IT MUST SAY SOMETHING about the Catholic Church if its followers are so possessed with demons that it needs more exorcists.”
Canuctude.blogspot.com reacts to news that the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops are holding a conference on how to conduct exorcisms, citing a shortage of priests who can do so.

» “I HAVE NEVER SEEN so much hot air blown for a product that technically doesn’t even exist right now that I’ve ever read. Talk about stoned, grandiose gazes into the Magic 8-Ball.”
Cabbie at AndroidForums.com doesn’t understand why there is so much buzz over an e-mail service that Facebook is developing, which some say would render Google’s Gmail obsolete.

Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images