Jay Electronica

» “MAYBE NOW THAT Jay Electronica‘s with Roc Nation, he’ll put out more than one song a year. Let’s hope so.”
WritersBlockMedia.net is glad to see that the rapper signed with Jay-Z‘s record label over the weekend.

» “ONLY THREE PEOPLE KNOW how close we came to a third world war and instant evaporation in 1999. Two of them are generals, and the third is a peddler of songs so sugary that his records come with a health warning from the British Diabetic Society.”
BruiseFalling.blogspot.com isn’t sure what to think about singer James Blunt‘s claim that when he was a British soldier, he refused an order to attack Russian troops in Kosovo in 1999.

» “THIS EX-PRESIDENT OF OURS never ceases to surprise us. And we’re talking about Bill Clinton this time, not George W. Bush, whose actions are never surprising anymore.”
Movies.TheFabLife.com reacts to news that Clinton shot a cameo appearance in “The Hangover 2,” which was shot in Thailand.

» “COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE, Apple dropped this iTunes announcement on us. No buildup, no rumors. We didn’t hear a thing about this. It’s obviously not a presentation, because there are no invites. … I’m betting it’s something to do with iTunes streaming, the cloud, and that big old North Carolina server farm they bought.”
EverythingICafe.com was intrigued by the computer company’s large tile ad that occupied its home page for most of the day Monday.

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images