If “Sopranos” mobsters (well, at least Steve Buscemi) jumped into a time machine with a bunch of flappers and Temperance Leaguers, the resulting show might be HBO’s new 1920s period piece set in Atlantic City, where good-looking dames, bathtub gin-swilling thugs and spoilsport G-men frolic around in retro costumes. Give those who relish the drama’s illegal drinking, blatant whoring and dapper dressing gifts that reflect a retro-yet-far-from-uptight vibe.

» Plaid Rags
Ideal for a bootlegging motorcycle ride to Canada: a waxed cotton tartan jacket ($499, Barbour, 3221 M St.; 202-298-6032).

» Flask Mob
Wrap up a bottle of something strong (not bathtub gin, please!) in this whimsical hooch holder ($39, Art With Flowers, Tysons Galleria; 703-903-6837).

» Top Hat
Conjure Al Capone (who has a part on the show) in a newsboy cap ($60, Proper Topper, 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW; 202-842-3055).

» Happy Hour
It’s always cocktail time at their home speakeasy, thanks to Umbra’s wood- leather wall clock ($210, Homebody, 715 8th St. SE; 202-544-8445).

» Silver Wear
Roar through your own decade with mod flapper style via Roni Blanshay drop earrings ($216, Charm, 2910 M St. NW; 202-298-0420).

» Bottle Shock
Nope, these wooden vessels don’t hide a stash. But sold as a pair, they become bookends ideal for a collection of vino guides. ($100, Warwicks, 858-454-0347)

» Secret ‘Stache
Help them get a handlebar on their drinking with a facial-hair inspired bottle opener ($10, Perpetualkid.com).

» Getaway Car
Inspire an early lust for fast wheels with Restoration Hardware’s pedal racer ($539, Restorationhardware.com).

» Take a Shot
Cocktail picks that look like darts take aim at olives or rival gang members (four for $22, RCKNDY, 1515 U St. NW; 202-332-5639).

» ‘Appy Days Are Here
He puts hits on enemies via an iPhone, not an old-fashioned dialing one, but he can still feel old-timey with a leather case ($39, Restorationhardware.com).

» Digit Do It
You call her Mom; associates know her as Fingers Brown. Help keep warm (and hide fingerprints) with leather-sweater gloves ($75, Ginger, 7114 Bethesda Lane, Bethesda; 301- 664-9242).

» Knit Witty
An argyle-patterned cover takes her iPad back to the typewriter age ($148, Proper Topper).

» The Smell Game
An English Bay candle gives his dressing room, library or gun storage shed a whiff of macho ($45, Art With Flowers).

» Letter Daze
Make a moll feel loved with a gold-tone monogram necklace ($60, Sassanova, 7134 Bethesda Lane, Bethesda; 301-654-7403).

Written by Express’ Katherine Boyle, Jennifer Barger, and Holly Morris
Photo by Abbot Genser/HBO