» “A COUPLE THAT THROWS DOWN together stays together.”
A commenter at Bossip.com was amused by the fact that comedian Mike Epps and his wife got into an altercation with a cameraman at a birthday celebration in Detroit over the weekend.

» “TELLING FAT JOKES about the daughter of a woman who is exceedingly supportive of our troops, while in front of our troops? What an idiotic, hateful thing to do.”
Commonsensepoliticalthought.com was glad to see Kathy Griffin get booed by service members during the VH1 “Divas Salute the Troops” event Sunday after Griffin insulted Bristol Palin.

» “THE BADGER HERALD IS PISSED OFF and taking names. Well, listing names. The names of UW students who snapped up coveted Rose Bowl tickets and are attempting to scalp them. As strong proponents of public shaming, we stand with you.”
Deadspin.com is proud of the fact that the independent student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin outed people trying to resell some of the 5,800 tickets allotted for students at prices above the $150 face value.

» “THIS PHONE IS THE BASTARD CHILD of lazy engineering; it’s just a Samsung Vibrant that runs stock Android with a slightly curved screen and a front-facing camera.”
An AndroidCentral.com commenter isn’t impressed with early looks at the Nexus S, which’ll be the first Android phone to ship with the Gingerbread operating system.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images