» “YES, MY FRIENDS, THE SHOW IS THAT GOOD, and if you’re a hockey fan who doesn’t already have HBO, you need to get in touch with your cable or satellite provider right now to address that oversight. If anything, episode one consistently exceeded my expectations.”
OffWing.com thought that the premiere episode of “Penguins-Capitals 24/7” was spectacular.

» “MIRAMAX BEGAN ITS LIFE as a firestarter, a challenging production house that made powerful films. Now in its second life (with its original fathers getting visitation rights), it is settling for money grabs based on movies that no one wants to see sequels from.”
FilmSchoolRejects.com can’t understand why The Weinstein Company, which reached a new long-term agreement with Miramax, wants to create sequels for movies such as “Bad Santa,” “Rounders” and “Shakespeare in Love.”

» “WE ARE SERIOUSLY TORN about the Kardashians‘ new Christmas card. On the one hand, we will defend any extended family’s right to be as fabulous as they want to be, no matter what time of the year it is. On the other hand, they look like a community theater cast of Clue that might have actually killed someone. Can the grandmas and co-workers of the world handle a holiday card filled with so many divas?”
TheFabLife.com was a bit taken aback by the celebrity family’s over-the-top holiday card this year.

» “I PROBABLY SHOULDN’T BE LAUGHING at someone’s weave catching fire, but the ballerific nature of that whole scene makes it hilarious. Trey Songz throwing rose petals like one of those chicks from ‘Coming to America,’ and Kevin Hart‘s hilarious reaction of genuine fear before holding back laughter make this an instant Internet classic.”
ListenToLeon.net could not help but be amused by a model’s hair catching on fire during a live Ustream broadcast of Diddy‘s album release party for “Last Train to Paris.”

Photo courtesy of the Washington Capitals