» “THE RETURN OF ‘The Game’ on BET, years after being canceled when the CW divested itself of African-American sitcoms, did better than almost anyone expected: 7.7 million viewers for its first episode back. That’s something like three times as many viewers as it got on the CW network.”
Macleans.ca was impressed with the sitcom’s debut Wednesday night.

» “THE RAPPER SHOWED OFF his new, um, hardcore tat on his Twitter for all his followers to mock see. Nice touch with the ‘Brr’ inscribed in the cone. Really gives it a more classy look.”
PerezHilton.com thinks Gucci Mane‘s new tattoo was a bad decision at best.

» “THOUGH HER CLIPS AREN’T AS VISUALLY SHOCKING or as jaw-droppingly art directed as those of contemporaries like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, Taylor Swift deserves quite a bit of credit for her excellent music videos.”
Newsroom.MTV.com reacts to seeing Swift’s new video for “Back to December,” released this week.

» “PRETTY SOON THE CEREAL AISLE is going to look like Las Vegas. Flashing lights, animation and pretty things to look at EVERYWHERE. … I think I’ve officially become an old lady. Technology is scaring me.”
LoveElizabethany.blogspot.com was blown away by boxes of Trix and Honey Nut Cheerios that have light-up displays on the front.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images