» “NOW THIS IS WHAT WE LIKE to call purrrfect casting! … Amazing! We can’t wait to see her clad in leather! P.S. No one give her Halle Berry‘s Catwoman as research, please. No need to make the poor girl suffer.”
PerezHilton.com gets super-corny about Anne Hathaway‘s upcoming role in the movie “The Dark Night Rises.”

» “THERE IS SOMETHING SILLY about a grown man discussing the four facets of his personality in cartoon form. Or at least there should be.”
MovieLine.com finds LeBron James‘ new cartoon series, called “The LeBrons” — based on the characters often featured in his Nike commercials — a bit foolish.

» “IF HE WERE A TRUE ECONOMICS STUDENT, he would have paid with 632 pre-1964 silver dollars (silver spot $29.26) and explained WHY tuition is rising as a result of FED inflation and cheap student loans.”
— A commenter at YouTube.com reacts to watching a video of Nic Ramos, a University of Colorado-Boulder economics student who paid his $14,309.51 in singles to bring awareness to how much an education costs for out-of-state residents.

» “ACCORDING TO THE COMPANY, it’s the perfect drink for sharing by up to three people — all without the obvious hassle of having to carry a heavy glass bottle around. … We’re not sure how well this will pick up, but if they begin selling it in my neighborhood, it will likely become my new favorite six-pack.”
CoolThings.com is a fan of Panama-based Scottish Spirits’ new whisky-in-a-can product that’s not yet sold in the united states.

Photo by Od Andersen/AFP/Getty Images