“ONE OF THE THINGS that makes [Craig] Ferguson such a compelling and effective host for discussions with really smart people is that he’s one of the few talk-show hosts who can behave with humility and be convincing.”
NPR.org/blogs/MonkeySee was impressed by CBS’ “Late Late Show” host during his discussion Tuesday night with Dr. Cornel West.

» “THIS IS JUST MY CRACKPOT THEORY, but perhaps if you’re the rich, white poster child for the [U.S.], you might not want to traipse through an angry mob in a Middle Eastern country embroiled in political unrest.”
Yeeeah.com wasn’t surprised that CNN’s Anderson Cooper was attacked while reporting in Cairo.

» “GOOD: SHE CAN STILL get her leg behind her head. BAD: She might not be able to get it down again. GOOD: The tousled hair makes a return. BAD: It seems to be by Britney 7 Spears.”
PopJustice.com apparently thinks that Spears’ leg, not her arm, is resting on her head on her new album cover for “Femme Fatale.”

» “I’VE SAID IT A HUNDRED TIMES: Nothing makes people look so innocent and so excited as snow and fireworks.”
Baltimore21201.typepad.com enjoyed watching The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore whoop with amazement at the thundersnow in Worcester, Mass., on Tuesday.

Photo by Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images