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Jibz Cameron is a woman of many faces: film noir detective, demented femme fatale, masochistic flower in a boxing ring. The New York performance artist, known to audiences as Dynasty Handbag, transforms herself into a rotating cast of quirky characters in her campy one-woman shows, complete with singing, dancing and whacked-out video art. The results are as dark as they are hilarious, as Cameron takes aim at gender, sexuality and the cobwebby corners of the subconscious. Dynasty Handbag performs Saturday at the Fridge D.C.’s Fresh Produce Festival.

What can we expect from your show at the Fridge?
I’m going to do one piece: It’s called “Bags.” I sort of walk around the stage and have these interactions with these five different plastic bags. They all have their own personalities, and it’s me talking to the bags. It’s basically an exploration of abuse and relationships. But it’s also funny, if you can imagine.

Are these regular shopping bags?
One is a paper bag, and there are various crappy plastic bags. One bag is actually English and has a bad Cockney accent. There’s a cup of tea and some biscuits involved.

Besides the Cockney bag, who else joins you onstage?
There’s a bag that’s sort of this spiritual hippie lady who kind of seduces me. It starts out like a self-realization meditation. She’s going, “You’re a butterfly! You’re a rainbow!” And then I start acting out all these things. Then she says, “You’re Mick Jagger!” and I act that out.

Your work blends so many disciplines. How would you describe yourself as an artist?
I’m just a performer. I guess “performance artist” is better because it makes you sound smarter. You hear “performance artist” and people think, “Ooh, Berlin. Black leotards.”

» The Fridge D.C., 516 8th St. SE; Sat., 8 p.m., $15; 202-664-4151. (Eastern Market)

Written by Express contributor Kristina Gray
Photo Courtesy of Jibz Cameron

Vertititgo Trailer from Dynasty Handbag on Vimeo.