» “I HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT that those cookies were freaking delicious enough to harm someone over, so I would have been totally pissed off to come home and find that my roommate had emptied the box. Especially if I had cooled them down in the freezer. Oh, man, I would be furious.”
Blog.TruTV.com/Dumb_As_A_Blog can relate to the Naples, Fla., woman who was arrested for attacking her roommate over a box of Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies.

» “MICHELLE, YOU EAT YOUR RIBS, and your kale and pumpkin, and then you go the hell skiing. Skiing is fun, all those foods are made out of food, and not that this matters, but you look awesome. That makes you the perfect leader for the sort of movement that might actually make America healthy.”
WorkingForJobs.net was stunned to hear that Rush Limbaugh called the First Lady a hypocrite and implied she was fat, after a report in the Vail Daily that she consumed a meal of ribs for dinner on a recent visit to A Colorado resort.

» “IT’S BEEN STATED before that Dwayne had a personal goal to ensure that people of color weren’t stereotyped in comics and [I] can’t help but appreciate the evident input he had with the direction with a lot of the characters he was able to oversee.”
TheMovieBlog.com remembers Dwayne McDuffie. the comic writer, who wrote for DC, Marvel and Archie, died Wednesday at age 49.

» “WHILE LIVE STREAMING games online will not kill off television entirely (as there are probably more people with TVs than Internet service, at least within the U.S.), it could help sporting leagues reach a larger audience.”
901am.com reacts to news that Google may be entering a deal with the NBA and NHL to live-stream games on YouTube.

Photo by Mark Gail/The Washington Post