» “JUST ONE QUESTION, and it may be a dumb one: If CMPunk and [Shawne] Merriman were both in Costa Rica, why did this all play out on Twitter instead of in person? Is it related to the rumor mentioned that Merriman may want into the WWE with the NFL holding out?”
LarryBrownSports.com thought that the WWE wrestler and NFL linebacker would have fought in person after a disagreement at a bar, rather than take to the Internet.

» “THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION should be credited for taking on this issue and dedicating attention to it. The last time women and girls received this kind of focus was in 1963. … However, with 50 years of both progress and stagnation successfully documented — many women believe its time for the government to implement policy and programs that remove the barriers standing in the way of the last glass ceiling.”
ClutchMagOnline.com/newsgossipinfo commends the White House for its “Women In America” report, released Tuesday.

» “IT’S A LITTLE SAD that including the e-mails of writers and editors is a big deal for some journalism companies.”
@KevinRobillard, a reporter covering politics and other topics for TBD.com, tweets his reaction to news that the New York Times Magazine is offering contact info with each piece it publishes.

Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images