Obviously, as we age, our tastes change. I no longer hate tomatoes, for example, though I still consider olives an elaborate practical joke.

Some of my favorite movies don’t age well: “Shakespeare in Love” is an example of a movie I really loved when it came out in 1998, and now I cringe over it. But the films of our youth can function like yearbooks, as places to look back on what we once wanted and ways to appreciate how far we’ve come.

Which is a long way of saying that when I watched the utterly charming, often hilarious “Take Me Home Tonight,” I simply wanted to grab Matt Franklin (played by Topher Grace, above) by his popped collar and yell that he needs to GET A REAL JOB. (He’s attempting to find his post-college self by working at a Suncoast video store.) Franklin follows in a long line of ’80s-genre lovable losers like Lloyd Dobler and Duckie: Guys who are sweet but are not, unfortunately, yet at their full “yeah” potential. (Oh, how I longed for a boyfriend who loved me enough to stand outside my parents’ house with a boom box, stalker-style.)

Watching Matt Franklin go on his prototypical journey of a lifetime in one night is a fun ride (Auto theft! Cocaine! Realizations about self!), but it’s one that now looks exhausting. Grace gives an adorable performance, but something happened to me, and now guys like these just look like kids.

Photo courtesy of Relativity Media