» “HAS IT REALLY BEEN FIVE YEARS since The Strokes released an album? Where is the band hanging out in its new video ‘Under Cover of Darkness’? What happened to Albert Hammond‘s magnificent mini-Afro? So many questions.”
Buzzworthy.MTV.com reacts to the group’s newest work, set for a March 22 release.

» “IT’S A FACT. Manchester United [is] officially haunted by a series of terrible results and desperate displays. [Is the team] planning to wake up ever again from this nightmare? … For the 30-year-old striker [Dirk Kuyt], this is a dream come true.”
1000goals.com reacts to Kuyt’s hat trick for Liverpool in its 3-1 victory Sunday.

» “BARRING SOME INSANE NEW DEVELOPMENT, ‘Sheen’s Korner’ marks the beginning of the end of our national obsession with [Charlie] Sheen‘s breakdown.”
Gawker.com thought the actor’s recent live web show on UStream was an “embarrassing piece of crap.”

Screengrab courtesy YouTube