» “IF YOU ARE A THUG, then what is Charlie Sheen, or Mel Gibson, or John Mayer, or Jude Law, or any other famous white male who has engaged in bad behavior the past few years? Why are they often forgiven, given a pass, allowed to clean themselves up and to redeem themselves in a way black males simply cannot, Chris? It is because, to paraphrase Tupac, we were given this world; we did not make it.”
KevinPowell.net/blog wrote an open letter to Chris Brown after Brown tweeted, “I’m so over people bring this past [expletive] up!! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for [expletive].”

» “WE THINK THAT’S PRETTY AMAZING — it’s not every day that you see a kid so enthusiastic to help those in need, so three cheers for Rebecca Black! Even as some [on] the Internet continue to mock her, it looks like the 13-year-old has a very good head on her shoulders; her unapologetic attitude about the musicianship that may or may not exist on ‘Friday’ is a moot point by now, and it looks like the girl’s just trying to have fun.”
Buzzworthy.MTV.com admires Black’s revelation that proceeds from the iTunes sales of her song will go toward helping Japanese tsunami victims.

» “HIS OWN NETWORK! 24-hour, nonstop crazy! Surely, Logo will need to double its programming to maintain balance in the universe.”
OMGblog.com is stunned by rumors that Glenn Beck may start his own network when his contract with Fox News is up.

Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images