» “YOU CAN CHECK OUT Whoopi [Goldberg]’s speech for the tell-tale glisten, but really she holds it together like a pro. The mere fact that Goldberg didn’t scream ‘Are you a cop?’ in Anjelica Huston’s disapproving face means she did better than I would.”
ComedyNews.org was amused by Goldberg’s recent admission that she smoked marijuana before accepting her Best Supporting Actress award for “Ghost” in 1991.

» “CHRIS EVANS. HUGO WEAVING. TOMMY LEE JONES. World War II. Guns blazing. Fists flying. Buildings exploding. Yes, this movie is gonna be soooooooo big!”
Blog.MuchMusic.com is excited for “Captain America: The First Avenger,” which is set for release on July 22.

» “THIS COULD LEAD TO BREAKTHROUGHS in fertility treatment for men. It also could lead to an exciting new line of Sea-Monkeys.”
Gawker.com reacts to news that researchers in Japan have learned how to grow sperm in test tubes.

Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images