» “REMEMBER WHEN SOME PROMINENT CONSERVATIVES warned about chasing the fool’s errand of birtherism and how it made the movement look weak and foolish? Well, no more! ”
— The left-leaning MediaMatters.org/blog notes that Donald Trump is now part of the birther movement after he openly questioned President Obama‘s birthplace on “The View.”

» “JOSE CANSECO HAS FOUND ANOTHER useful function for his twin brother, Ozzie, besides being his go-to case study as to why steroids don’t turn any old baseball player into a bona fide superstar.”
TiricoSuave.com was not surprised to hear that the former Major League Baseball player sent his brother to fight for him in a celebrity boxing match in hollywood, fla.

» “THERE’S ALWAYS BEEN BEEF, but I remember when we used to settle it at 3 p.m. in the school yard. Now you look at a cat wrong and shots ring out. Half these dudes can’t even fight if it came down to it. We always talk about what’s wrong about hip-hop, [but] hell, black culture in general? Well, it boils down to stories just like this.”
HighbridNation.com mourns the loss of DJ Megatron, a radio and TV personality who was a regular on BET’s “106 & Park.” Megatron, whose real name was Corey McGriff, was fatally shot in a robbery attempt in Staten Island on Sunday morning.

» “THE NOT-HORRIBLE NEWS: The sale will allow Goose Island to ramp up production, making its brews available to more people. The worse news: Goose Island’s brewmaster will be stepping down.”
Consumerist.com reacts to the announcement that the Chicago-based brewery will be taken over by Anheuser-Busch for $38.8 million.

Photo by Emmaneul Dunand/AFP/Getty Images