» “I’M NOT ASHAMED TO SAY that I’m feeling this Katy Perry x Ye remix. I don’t care; it’s dope. But I really thought there would be more Yeezy in this outer space motion picture. Anyway, Katy is scary.”
MissInfo.tv enjoyed the new video for “E.T.” featuring Kanye West, which was released Wednesday and was directed by Floria Sigismondi.

» “IN THE PAST, I overlooked the sexist Super Bowl ads from GoDaddy.com. Since 2003, we’ve amassed 138 domain names and two virtual dedicated servers to run our business, all purchased through GoDaddy. … You could say we’re a decent customer. … We’re taking our business elsewhere and we will no longer be customers of GoDaddy.com.”
RenegadeHealth.com/blog made a business decision after seeing a video of Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant in Zimbabwe last month.

» “SELF-PARODY IS THE LAST THING Arnold needs right now. Sure, he’s become a bit of a joke over the past few decades, but that can only take you so far. Many of his fans were hoping to see him return to some relatively serious action roles just like Sylvester Stallone has, and although that’s still possible, this isn’t going to make things easier.”
FilmJunk.com isn’t impressed with Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s newest cartoon project with comic book legend Stan Lee called “The Governator.”

» “IF YOU DO MANAGE to get a hold of the surveillance tapes, Mr. Michel, we’d love to see them. We’ll make sure that the incident of your brutal beatdown by an NBA legend goes viral around the Internet.”
Atlanta.SBNation.com is amused by the story of Rashan Michel, who allegedly attacked former Atlanta Hawks player Dominique Wilkins over a tailoring debt and plans to subpoena the surveillance footage of the incident for a lawsuit.

Screengrab courtesy YouTube