» “NO D.C. PARKING ENFORCEMENT? during a shutdown? Awesome. There’s a fire hydrant I’ve been dying to park in front of for YEARS.”
— @Delrayser jokingly tweets about the potential effects of a government shutdown on the District’s city services.

» “I’M STILL KIND OF LOST as to why she’s releasing this as a single. It’s lackluster and forgettable. She has some decent pop songs on her album, and this is not one of them. I struggle to remember the melody, and it’s not something that makes one tap one’s feet. It’s just there, on, and then it’s not.”
AmyGrindhouse.com thought Britney Spears made a bad choice for her newest video, “Till The World Ends,” off her new album, “Femme Fatale.”

» “CHRISTOPHER NOLAN’S BATMAN SAGA has filmed in locations all over the world, from Chicago to Hong Kong. For ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ the saga can now add the exotic locale of Pittsburgh to its crime-fighting map.”
Blog.MovieFone.com sarcastically reacts to news that the new superhero movie will be filming in the Steel City during early summer.

» “RAY’S IS JUST NOT what it used it to be. In fact, over the last several months, I’ve come to the regrettable conclusion that what was once my favorite spot for a casual dinner … or for an out-of-town gathering of friends and family has lost a lot of its luster.”
EatingAroundDC.blogspot.com feels like Ray’s the Steaks in Arlington has gone downhill since the company expanded to three new locations.

Photo courtesy Michael Williamson/The Washington Post