» “EVEN FOR SOMEONE WHO’S PRETTY WELL READ on the assassination, there are a number of surprises in the race to the finish, which I have been assured are historically accurate. And the implication of the Catholic Church’s involvement is fascinating.”
HenrysWesternRoundUp.blogspot.com reviews “The Conspirator,” a movie about the death of Abraham Lincoln that stars Robin Wright, James McAvoy, Evan Rachel Wood and Alexis Bledel.

» “[NICKI] MINAJ IS ON TOUR with Lil Wayne, which is all well and good, but gigging with Britney [Spears] could see her propelled into genuine superstardom.”
HecklerSpray.com thinks that the proposed tour, in which Minaj and Spears are scheduled to team up, would be big for Minaj’s career.

» “THERE ARE STUPID PRODUCTS, and then there are products that make you lose faith in the human race altogether. The ‘Slobstopper,’ an adult bib made for in-car eating, definitely falls into the latter category.”
HuffingtonPost.com finds no reason for grown adults to need bibs while driving.

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images