That shoulder you’ve leaned on all these years? It could really use a massage. Mother’s Day is Sunday, so if you still haven’t figured out how to pamper the woman who changed your Pampers, try one of these spa treatments.

For Mom’s Who Worry
The Phyto Stem Cell Facial at G.M. Collin Aura Spa, $175 for 60 minutes

Apple juice makes kids happy, but Mom may prefer a different way to consume the fruit. This facial tackles wrinkles with creams made with plant stem cells extracted from the leaf of a Swiss apple tree whose fruit has an extraordinarily long shelf life. Use the same cells on humans, and, hopefully, Mom gets a truly fresh face. “Everyone wants to look like they’re 20,” says Jennifer Glunt, a licensed esthetician at Aura Spa.

After clearing the skin of impurities such as blackheads, she massages in eye cream, serum and moisturizer. While Mom waits 15 minutes for an algae mask to set, Glunt offers a choice of a hand or foot massage. The mask peels off in one rubbery piece, and she starts the series of cream applications again, leaving Mom’s face shiny, hydrated and smelling not at all like apples.

On Mother’s Day, Aura will serve complimentary champagne before or after the facial to add a glow to her freshly plumped skin.

For Fast-on-Their-Feet Moms
The Champagne Indulgence Pedicure at Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner, $95 for 50 minutes
Moms will get treated with Champagne at the Ritz, too. But in addition to drinking it — poolside and accompanied by fruit and cookies — they’ll also get to soak in it. Fariba Sharifi, a nail technician at the Ritz, says the hydrating properties of the fizzy beverage help her go toe-to-toe with hardened soles.

That’s why she starts with a warm Champagne mineral bath before filing callouses, cleaning up cuticles and buffing nails to smoothness. Then it’s time to break out the good stuff again: Champagne scrub made of chardonnay oil, sugar and grape grains.
For the final round, Mom’s knees will slurp down a Champagne-infused mask, which she covers in hot towels for five minutes. “When I take the towels off, you’ll feel the skin is like silk,” she says.

Now, here’s a game of “This Little Piggy” moms won’t tire of.

For Moms With Newborns
The Rookie Mom Rubdown atBliss Spa, $170 for 75 minutes

Babies aren’t the only ones who need tummy time. This treatment focuses on the postpartum paunch, starting with a seaweed mask that covers Mom’s midsection for 20 minutes. That’s followed by the application of “Shrink Wrap,” made from African grapefruit essential oil, and Fatgirlslim, a caffeine-laced cream that has a rep for reducing ripples.

The idea, according to Bliss massage therapist Elizabeth Goodwin, is to flush out excess fluids, thereby increasing tone. A single treatment can seemingly slim one’s stomach by an inch or two, she says, although the results last only a couple days.
Beyond making Mom’s middle look whittled, the treatment also includes a paraffin wax to soften her feet and a full-body Blissage, a Swedish-style massage that kneads out baby-carrying-induced knots.

The real clincher: She gets to lie on a heated massage table inhaling soothing scents rather than Desitin.

Written by Express contributor Stephanie Kanowitz