» “I’M GUESSING THAT the vast majority would still agree that, while a color change to build more unification around red and the colors of the American flag is a good start, ‘Wizards’ as a franchise nickname continues to be a horrible joke and in no way should be a representation of professional basketball in the capital of the United States.”
TruthAboutIt.net is glad the Wizards will unveil a new red, white and blue uniform color scheme next week.

» “HE OUGHT TO BE THRILLED that the songs he wrote continue to mean something to people and to be played. Miley Cyrus was 18 months old when [Kurt] Cobain died, and many of her fans are even younger than she is. Yet here she is playing Cobain’s song to an audience in Ecuador. That, to me, is how you take art seriously.”
Yglesias.ThinkProgress.org has no complaints about the pop star’s covering Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at a live show.

» “I EXPECT THAT THE DECISION will come under tremendous scrutiny and that local politicians will demand a review — particularly those from Brooklyn who lost out on the opportunity for the factory and the jobs and impact on the local economy.”
LawHawk.blogspot.com doesn’t think New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg should have picked Nissan to build and sell the city’s new cabs. Ford and Turkish carmaker Karsan had offered to build a factory to manufacture the taxis in Brooklyn.

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images