Killing Me Softly with His Song
We were skeptical when we heard about a musical version of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” But apparently “The Hollow” is not just about a creepy guy with a pumpkin for a head terrorizing the populace, it’s about a small town blaming an outsider with outlandish ideas for their troubles! Broadway star Hunter Foster, above, wrote the book, with local composer Matt Conner on the score. But we’re working on our own lyrics: “They called him Pumpkin Head/That’s how they got so dead/And then away he sped/While we were all abed!”

» Signature Theatre, 4200 Campbell Ave., Arlington; opens in August; 703-820-9771,

Sometimes indie films are really, really terrible. And sometimes you watch them and are pretty sure you’re seeing the beginnings of someone who could go far. That’s the case for “Bellflower,” opening Aug. 26 in D.C. First-timer Evan Godell, left, wrote, directed, starred in and edited this romantic, gory, taut film that traces one man’s journey from cuddly, awkward teddy bear to post-apocalyptic warlord badass. It’s not perfect, but it does combine a cricket-eating contest, the best first date ever and a “Mad Max-” inspired car named Medusa into a stylish, surprising debut. Way to go, newbie!

Watch Your Back Dude
“Julius Caesar” is not only one of Shakespeare’s finest plays, it’s also the one most exquisitely suited to D.C. — the lessons about political gamesmanship and audience manipulation imparted here are still relevant for modern speechwriters and staffers. Take heed, everyone, and mind this free remounting of the Shakespeare Theatre’s 2008 production.

» Shakespeare Theatre, 610 F St. NW; Aug. 18 — Sept. 4, free; 202-547-1122, (Gallery Place)