» “THE REAL REASON appears to be cost. One might think that the granddaddy of reality shows — and the only one with any redeeming value to the community — would have a lower cost than fiction with casts of actors to pay, but apparently not.”
HotAir.com breaks down why FOX canceled “America’s Most Wanted” after 23 years.

» “I LIKE DON LEMON A LOT. He is an intelligent host and an honest one. Anderson [Cooper] may make more money, but this guy has integrity. Congratulations, Don.”
BlogActive.com was happy to see Lemon, a CNN announcer, come out of the closet over the weekend on Twitter.

» “THE GIRL IS ONLY THIRTEEN, yet people are making stuff like this up? What is the world coming to? … Thankfully, putting an end to ANY speculation, she took to her official Twitter page to deny the reports. Thank God for that. We would have to start wondering who would be going to jail for getting her pregnant.”
EarSucker.com was disgusted that YouTube sensation Rebecca Black had to deny pregnancy rumors.

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