Tonight, the question will be answered: Who will be the new boss of “The Office” (9 p.m. on NBC)?

Spoiler alert: The Shark is the boss — the same Shark that “The Office” jumped over, turning its writers from weirdly funny to predictably unfunny.

Far more important questions will be raised — and answered — from 10 to 11 p.m. on NBC, on the back-to-back season enders of “Parks and Recreation.”

Among them: Why does the illicit affair of Leslie and Ben (Amy Poehler and Adam Scott, pictured above) lead to an office chant of “cube butt”? Is crystal meth really sold in vending machines on the fourth floor? Who put Ron Swanson in a swivel chair to listen to citizens with complaints? Also, was Ron consumed by a fireball? Why was April made “assistant to everyone” when she hates … everyone? Whose motto is “Let your brain unlock the door to your heart’s future?” Can anyone write a memorial song five thousand times greater than “Candle in the Wind”? And who “traded [their] legs for angel wings”?

Biggest Question of All: What’s 2011’s funniest sitcom? I’d say: “Parks and Recreation.”

Written by Express contributor Marc Silver