I’m going to spend Memorial Day weekend with my lovable but slightly declasse parents at, yes, the Jersey Shore. What I need is a pair of reasonably priced flat sandals, something fun that I can wear in a variety of situations. Please help.Tina

Manolo says, the Jersey Shore! Thanks to the notorious television show of the same name, the Manolo imagines this mythical place where all of the men are comically muscled egoists, and all of the women surgically enhanced bimbettes and everyone is strangely tangerine-colored.

And yet, the few times the Manolo, himself has visited the Jersey Shore, he found it to be the mostly pleasant, family-oriented destination of Victorian homes and mini-golf courses.

But, such is the power of reality television, and its need to generate the dramatic situations by putting ambitious and energetically dysfunctional peoples into the close proximity, so as to watch the sparks fly. Which, now that the Manolo thinks about it, is pretty much exactly what happens in the Congress, which begs the question: Why does the C-SPAN not have the better ratings?

Perhaps, as part of the sweeps week ratings stunt, Snooki and the Situation should swap places with Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner. If you consider it, does it seem so unlikely?

Look! Here is the Mojito from Bernardo ($110, Zappos.com) in the platinum color. Shiny enough for JWoww, but sophisticated enough for Madame Speaker!

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