Abigail, 27, is an executive assistant. Omar, 37, is a freelance TV producer. They live in Silver Spring.

The Main Event: On June 4, they’ll say their vows at the swanky Mansion on O Street.

How They Met: His reggae band was playing at a private party at which she was a guest. Later, he struck up a conversation with a 3-year-old girl who’d been watching. “I liked how he was not only great with kids, but he related to them as well,” Abigail says.

First Date: His place — he cooked her a steak dinner.

How He Proposed: In Florence, Italy. “Our hotel had double-booked us, and our train tickets were wrong. It was hot, she was in a crabby mood, and the hair dryer in our hotel room sucked up her hair and I had to cut it out.” He proposed anyway, because “sometimes you have to turn lemons into limoncello.”

Most-Hated Clothing Item: “Her maxi dress, which is really just a muumuu.”

Stupidest Fight: “The day he called my maxi dress a muumuu.”

Written by Express contributor Rachel Kaufman

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