» “PRETTY SNEAKY, EH? I wonder how many folks who didn’t know about the movie (and, believe it or not, there probably were five or six of them in America) took it at face value for those first 50 seconds. Do you think that early stuff will even be in the real movie?”
ToughPigs.com reacts to the trailer for the new Muppets movie, due for release at Thanksgiving. the trailer begins as a romantic comedy starring Jason Segal and Amy Adams.

» “CAN YOU IMAGINE shooting [Rick] Ross for the cover of the latest issue of Complex? Neither can we. I’m sure it went something like this: ‘Um, Mr. Ross, we want you to look as much like Jaws as possible. Can you just open your mouth a little wider? OK, just a little wider. Squint your eyes. OK, perfect.'”
ImFlashy.com pokes fun at the creative process involved in making the men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine’s latest cover with comedian Andy Samberg.

» “MY BIGGEST PROBLEM with the video is a lack of context. Still, it’s hard to imagine what kind of behavior from a wheelchair-bound man could warrant such treatment.”
— A commenter at DCist.com isn’t sure what to think after video surfaced of Metro Transit Police officers involved in an altercation with a seemingly disabled man outside the U Street-Cardozo Metro station last week.

Screengrab courtesy YouTube