» “IT LOOKS GOOD, but it’s really just more of the same. If you’ve played one ‘Call of Duty’ game, you’ve played them all. Hell, if you’ve played one shooter this generation, you played them all.”
WebTVhub.com wasn’t impressed with the trailer for ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’ for Xbox.

» “I’M NOT SAYING THAT [Zach Galifianakis] made [January] Jones feel uncomfortable, but putting them together sort of seems like a nerd trying to explain ‘Star Wars’ to a supermodel. Opposites don’t attract.”
CinemaBlend.com reacts to the comic actor’s recent comments about the ‘Mad Men’ star. Galifianakis said he would never do a sex scene with Jones after he said the two had a rude run-in at a party.

» “MAN, SOCIAL NETWORKS HAVE TAKEN on a loose definition as of late, haven’t they? Toyota just announced plans to launch one for its customers, and while our initial reaction was an eye roll and sighs of ‘What the world needs now,’ the truth is that it’s really just a system that uses Twitter and Facebook to let you know when something’s amiss.”
DominicFallows.co.uk thinks Toyota’s new system called “Friend” which will give personalized battery power warnings to electric vehicle owners, along with maintenance tips is lame.

» “BYE-BYE, BLACK SKIN; hello, white skin! (Scrub hard!) Can this ad possibly be real? … This could be the most (unintention-ally) racist skin care product ad in … about ten months.”
Gawker.com reacts to a Dove ad that some people think implies that white skin is “visibly more beautiful” than black skin.

Screengrab courtesy YouTube