“YOU’LL RECALL THAT the ‘M’ in MSNBC stands for misogyny.”
MichelleMalkin.com reacts to comments by MSNBC talk show host Ed Schultz, who called conservative pundit Laura Ingraham a “slut” on his radio program.

“I KNOW I SOMETIMES BASH CNBC for being a bunch of cheerleading [idiots] who never stop telling people to buy stocks. Now I haven’t watched the network for years, but when I did, I always felt like anchor Mark Haines was the voice of reason and someone I could have 6-12 beers with.”
MonkeyBusinessBlog.com laments the death of the CNBC host, who passed Tuesday at 65.

“[LUTHER] CAMPBELL FINISHED with just 11% of the vote, but it’s worth noting that he did beat out seven other candidates. I imagine that Campbell’s past came back, in some extent, to bite him.”
PopComa.com found the finish by the rapper (who used to go by “Uncle Luke”) in the Miami mayoral race respectable. Campbell was a longtime member of the controversial group 2 Live Crew.

“IT WAS A PUBLICITY STUNT. Marmite isn’t banned. Instead, its manufacturers have opted not to submit it for approval by the Danish food authorities. Given that sales there are minimal, I assume all this publicity was a stunt by Unilever, and one I should have spotted immediately. I am a fool.”
PlashingVole.blogspot.com believed for a while that the popular English food spread was banned in Denmark.

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images