They say that time waits for no boy band. This Friday, New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys bring the sugary-sweet soundtrack of your adolescence back to the Verizon Center’s stage — and with it, a reminder of just how much has changed since you got your learner’s permit. Whether you survived the late-’80s outbreak of NKOTB fever or succumbed to the late-’90s siren song of the Backstreet Boys, we have all the hot updates on America’s favorite former future husbands.


» A.J. McLean
McLean checked into rehab in 2001 and 2002, and was treated for depression, anxiety and alcohol abuse, according to He checked back in last year, saying he wanted to “be healthy and at my best” before the BSBNKOTB tour.

» Howie Dorough
: The overlooked one
Now: The regular guy

» Brian Littrell
: The one with highlights
Now: The Christian recording artist

» Nick Carter
When McLean checked into rehab in 2001, a choked-up Carter told, “I don’t think there is an end to this group until one of us dies.” Carter has since dropped a solo album, “Now or Never,” and starred in “House of Carters” on E! with younger brother, Aaron.


» Joey Mcintyre
: The cute one
Now: The surprisingly manly one

» Jordan Knight
The lead singer of NKOTB — thanks to his soaring, Frankie Valli falsetto — Jordan had a pretty successful solo career (big in Germany!) and just released his latest album, “Unfinished.” Knight, 41, is married and has two children.

» Jonathan Knight
: The quiet one
Now: The only one who’s actually aged well

» Donnie Wahlberg
NKOTB’s bad boy has gone on to be that guy who looks vaguely familiar in
successful films, most notably “The Sixth Sense.” He’s currently on the television series “Blue Bloods” and will soon be back on the big screen in “Zookeeper” with Kevin James.

» Danny Wood
: The awkwardly hunky one
Now: The hunkily awkward one


» The Monkees
Neither their hair nor their music was as way-out as the Beatles’, but the Monkees still made enough ’60s boy-band history to warrant their own keepsake lunch box.

» Benedictine Monks
The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos rode the ’90s goth wave with 1994’s “Chant.” Tracks like “Occuli Omnium” turned out to be terrible mood music.

» Il Divo
Simon Cowell recaptures the magic of the Three Tenors, just with younger guys and shinier hair. Who can argue with dudes named Carlos, Urs, David and Sebastien?

» Devo
Mark Mothersbaugh and co. formed this post-punk band in 1973, and have gotten progressively weirder ever since. Devo released its ninth album last year.

Written by Express’ Katie Aberbach, Kristen Page-Kirby and Shauna Miller