MAYBE I’M REACHING (PROBABLY), but I can’t help thinking that Katy’s life story plays a big role here. Rebecca Black’s song is about being a normal teen, something Katy Perry has often told the media she never was but yearned to be.” has a theory about why the YouTube sensation is featured in the recording artist’s new video for ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’

“If I were in charge of fining athletes for things they wrote on Twitter — which is not something I’d want to be in charge of — and I had to fine Gilbert Arenas, this is what I’d fine him for: being a complete and utter pig toward women.”
Dan Steinberg of reacts to news that the NBA fined the former Washington Wizard for his online comments, after Steinberg reviewed some of the embattled players recent tweets.

IT SEEMS TO BE HIT OR MISS WITH GOOGLE DOODLE – some of them not being that remarkable at all. In this case, though, they did a pretty good job. Not exactly like the Pac-Man Doodle, but good enough.” enjoyed the search engine’s latest, which featured a playable and recordable guitar, in honor of Les Paul, inventor of the electric guitar, who would have turned 96 Thursday.

“Just to be totally clear: we’re talking about a three-pound cocktail here. Ordering one of these cirrhosis bombs will set you back $79.99. I assume that you’re meant to share a “Big Dirty” among several friends — but hey, I wouldn’t want to be the kind of person to tell someone who works hard and plays hard what to do with their liver.” is stunned by the newest drink at Dirty Martini, which weighs in with 48 ounces of sweet tea vodka and other mixers.