Jamie, 24, teaches seventh-grade writing. Allie, 24, is a recruiter. They live in D.C.

The Main Event: A beach wedding July 9 in North Carolina. Allie will walk down a sand “aisle” lined with pinwheels.

How They Met: They had the same freshman seminar at the University of North Carolina, called “Coding and Decoding.” “Being trapped in a dungeon-esque math building for three hours a week really puts the shine on a crush,” Jamie says.

First Date: She hung around after one of Jamie’s a capella group’s concerts. “I stuck through all of clean-up so I could go to the afterparty with him, but I’m not sure he thought that was a date!” “I sensed something weird was happening there,” Jamie says.

How He Proposed: In front of the Capitol right after Snowpocalypse.

Stupidest Fight: “I am still furious she does not appreciate the genius behind ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ It’s not even that she dislikes it — it’s more she neglects to notice it. Which, really, is all the more damning.”

When They Knew: After college, when they both signed up for Teach for America. “It was a relationship that was going to keep me going when I felt like lying down and falling into a work coma,” Jamie says. “He even made me a sandwich every morning to take for lunch,” Allie says.

Written by Express contributor Rachel Kaufman

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